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Trade any crypto asset at best rates by cross-exchange
arbitrage chains in a single-window interface

Portfolio Investments

We are developing automated trading algorithms that allow our users to invest in cryptocurrency assets and earn profits with minimal risk. Our team of experts tirelessly analyzes the market to identify the best crypto to buy now, ensuring that the users have access to the most promising opportunities.

Trading via a Single Interface

Arbidex compares the rates of сryptocurrency assets at multiple major exchanges and provides users with the best available rates in real time and with one interface.

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How it Works

Arbidex is a trading platform that connects major exchanges within a single-window interface.

Arbidex is connected to the exchanges using an API interface, receiving and analyzing up-to-date data: it scans asset prices on each particular exchange in real time.

Arbidex allows users to trade via one platform account across all the exchanges at one time. This is done through Arbidex’s corporate accounts that are used directly for trading on specific exchanges. The use of corporate accounts also offers users an additional advantage - reduced trading commissions: the minimum fees are 0.05% for “ultimate” users.

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Try the Key Features of our Platform Online

Mix Order Book

One of the most-wanted features and a part of the Single-Window Trading platform that makes it possible to use only the best offers from the different exchanges, instead of scrutinizing Order Book.

What Other Advantages do you get with Arbidex?

Reduced commissions

We provide liquidity to the exchanges, while they give us lower commissions that we, in turn, happily share with you.

Easy asset accounting

With the help of our platform, you can manage your assets from all connected exchanges with the single-window interface. Try it out yourself!

Go through the KYC procedure fast and only once

You only need to pass our KYC procedures to get access to all of the exchanges that we are connected to. Verify your documents quickly through Arbidex’s customer KYC provider.

Portfolio investments

We will help you to create an intelligent portfolio that includes all of the main and most promising coins.

Market Orders, Limit Orders, and MIX Order Book

You can place Market Orders, Limit Orders, and Stop-Loss Orders at all of the connected exchanges through Single-Window Trading Mode.

Smart trading

Minimize trading risks by accumulating liquidity from all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Exchanges & Currencies

We are expanding the list of supported exchanges and currencies to provide our users with a wider range of options for trading and investing. As part of this expansion, we're thrilled to announce the addition of Smog Token to our platform. Now, users can easily buy $SMOG and participate in initiatives aimed at combating air pollution while engaging in the broader crypto ecosystem: our developers test various exchanges to connect with, and analysts are in search of currencies that combine volatility and liquidity in order to implement it on our platform and arbitrage chains.

By choosing the most stable exchanges and currencies, Arbidex is able to provide our users with maximum profit.

If you have any suggestions on working together, please email us via [email protected].

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  • Huobi


  • Hotbit


  • Quoine


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  • LTC


  • DASH


  • BCH


  • USDT


ABX Token

Our tokens are the gateway to the benefits of Arbidex

In early 2018, we successfully completed our ICO and achieved a hardcap of $16,000,000.

Token amount: 25,000,000. Tokens were released on a once-only basis during the ICO, there will be no additional
issuance of tokens.

Investors appreciated the potential of the platform and became owners of ABX tokens, which are one of the most
important elements for user interaction within the platform. This is the utility token that gives users the
opportunity to gain additional benefits from using our platform.

Function of ABX
  • Reduced commissions.
  • Increasing arbitrage deposit amounts and the monthly trade limit.
  • Access to auto-arbitrage.
Where can I buy ABX?

ABX is listed on:

  • IDEX


  • Hotbit


  • Bancor


  • Coinplace


Account grades

Upgraded Silver Gold Ultimate
  • Deposit amount

    1000 ABX
  • Deposit amount in arbitrage

  • Comission for standart exchange orders

    0,15 %
  • Deposit amount

    7500 ABX
  • Deposit amount in arbitrage

    <10 BTC
  • Comission for standart exchange orders

    0,125 %
  • Deposit amount

    20 000 ABX
  • Deposit amount in arbitrage

    <40 BTC
  • Comission for standart exchange orders

    0,1 %
  • Deposit amount

    80 000 ABX
  • Deposit amount in arbitrage

    <200 BTC
  • Comission for standart exchange orders

    0,05 %
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Early 2016

Late 2016


Stage 5: Q4 2017

Stage 4: Q3 2017

Stage 3: Q2 2017

Stage 2: Q1 2017


Stage 6: Q1 2018

Stage 7: Q2 2018

Stage 8: Q3 2018

Stage 9: Q4 2018


Step 13 Q4 2019

Step 12 Q3 2019

Step 11 Q2 2019

Step 10 Q1 2019


Step 14 Q1 2020

Step 15 Q2 2020

Step 16 Q3 2020

Step 17 Q4 2020


How can I register on the platform?

Go to the top of the website and click on the “Registration” button, or navigate to and click on the “Sign Up” button. Read more about this in our Knowledge Base here.

KYC verification

To use the basic functions of the platform, you need to pass KYC verification. You can get verified in the verification section of your personal account.

Detailed instructions about KYC can be found here.

How do I add or transfer funds to wallets?

Are you unsure of how to add or transfer funds from wallets? Check the Knowledge Base for instructions on how to do this.

You can also learn how to add the ABX token to your MyEtherWallet.

How can I move my funds to the arbitrage and start making a profit?

In the “Account” tab of your “User Panel,” you can transfer some of your balance to the automatic arbitrage by clicking on the arrow button. You’ll need to enter the sum and send with the “Send” button.

Check our Knowledge Base for more detailed instructions.

What can I do when something is not working?

You can always find our Support section by clicking on the “Knowledge Base” icon at the top of the website. You will have access to our support chat line as well as our support email address. You can ask your question directly to our support team in an Arbidex Telegram chat.

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