How To Add ABX Tokens To Your MyEtherWallet

We recommend using MyEtherWallet or MetaMask to receive ABX tokens.

Step 1

  • open your wallet, please make sure that your wallet supports ERC20 Standard
  • Please find Add TOKEN/ Add Custom Token button. In case you have a MyEtherWallet please click Add Custom Token button.

If you use MetaMask click Add Token button.

Step 2

Please enter the information shown on the picture in order to display your BKX tokens:

  • Address: 0x9a794dc1939f1d78fa48613b89b8f9d0a20da00e
  • Token Symbol: ABX
  • Decimals: 18

Attentionfor the balance to be displayed, please fill in the Decimals field with the number 18.

Step 3

For MEW: Your ABX tokens will be added to the list of tokens and you can check them in your ABX balance now.

You can check this short video tutorial:


What to do if you are receiving an error message: Cannot send due to Insufficient funds

ABX Token Tracker

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Last Updated On September 11, 2018