2FA Troubleshooting

Activating 2FA
Common issues


Activating 2FA

For protection of user account, user balance and personal information, our MVP allows to activate 2FA security right after registration.

Two-Factor Authentication (also known as 2FA) is a type of multi-factor authentication. It is a method of confirming a user’s claimed identity in which a user is granted access only after successfully presenting 2 keys - password and code from 2FA application on the smart-phone.

Even though any 2FA security app should work, we recommend to use official Google apps. You can download it for Android and for iOS.

2FA must be activated in order to withdraw any currency from balance or arbitrage.

After activating 2FA, you will be asked to input the code each time you login. If you delete your Google Authentificator you will lose all the codes and therefore access to your account. You will have to contact tech support and prove your identity to gain access back. In that case, it might be helpful to save the screenshot of your QR code in the safe place, so you can scan it again after re-installing Google Authentificator.

Common issues


I keep getting “wrong code” message

  • Check that you are using Google Authenticator application
  • Check that the time on your phone is correct and corresponds to the time of your location. Enable automatic time synchronization from and verify that your phone time is not running behind or ahead
  • On an Android phone enter settings in your Google Authentificator and try to synchronize, this error is usually related to the time of your phone. App still shows you correct code, but this code might work only in the last couple of seconds before refreshing. Here is official tutorial from Google: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185834?hl=en 

        During login, I’ve entered 2FA code wrong three times and now my account is blocked

If you entered 2FA code wrong three times, right now you can usually refresh the page and try again, but you’ll have only one try after each refresh (this will be fixed in the future). Your phone might not be synchronized, check the link in the previous issue. If it won’t help, and you still won’t be able to login, we can ask our developers team to reset 2FA for your account. Message our tech support via e-mail - [email protected]. Tell us your login in the mail so we could find you in our system.

Last Updated On November 13, 2018