My Transactions Are Not Visible In My Account

The exact time for transaction confirmation depends on the crypto network. All deposits and transactions on the Arbidex platform are processed automatically. After the transaction is posted on the blockchain, it may take a variable amount of time to pass through all the confirmations. Different blockchains require different amounts of confirmations. There can be times when the blockchain network is congested which can cause a delay. After all the confirmations have been completed, your user account information will be updated.

Additionally, our internal server processes information from the crypto network which is then displayed in the Arbidex user account. This can also take time.

As long as your transaction is present on the blockchain, there is nothing to worry about.

You can keep track of your transactions via one of the block explorers below.

Bitcoin block explorers:

Ethereum block explorers:

If the delay is longer than 8 hours, please contact our support team.

Last Updated On October 17, 2018