Arbidex Referral Program

  • Arbidex Referral Program allows you to get a 20% bonus from your referral recipient’s arbitrage profit, the amount is paid by Arbidex
  • The bonus is added every 1st of each month
  • You can see your referral bonus in your Arbidex user account, check the example screenshot below:

  • Each user has his own referral link. In order to find the link, please scroll down in the main account window. Please see the example of the referral link below.

  • After the registration of your referral recipient, you will be able to see his e-mail in the “Your referrals” section.
  • Please note: your bonus will be in the coins that are used by your referral recipient’s arbitrage investment. For example, if you are using only BTC in your account and your referral recipient is using ETH, you will get your bonus in ETH




Last Updated On November 21, 2018