Quickstart To Use Auto-Arbitrage

1. What is arbidex?
1.1 How does Arbidex uses arbitrage?
1.2 What is total suppy and liquidit?
2. What is ABX token?
2.1 ABX Smart Contract
3. How do I start to use auto-arbitrage?
3.1 Register on the platform.
3.2 Verify your account.
3.3 Activate 2FA and confirm phone number.
3.4 Buy and move ABX to internal arbidex wallets.
3.5 Deposit BTC/ETH to internal arbidex wallets
3.6 Deposit BTC/ETH from internal arbidex wallet to arbitrage
3.7 Earn profit for your initial deposit
3.8 Withdraw BTC/ETH from arbitrage back to internal arbidex wallets
3.9 Withdraw BTC/ETH from internal arbidex wallets to your personal external wallets.
4. Our Technical Support

1. What is Arbidex?

ARBIDEX is a trading platform that leverages liquidity from all major cryptocurrency exchanges and allows transactions from one single account with all types of assets at different exchanges. An additional feature allows automation of the inter-exchange arbitrage process. The major goals of the ICO are to create and develop a platform for professional traders that makes it easy to trade crypto assets from different exchanges in one single interface, to connect professional tools like MT4, to provide low commission rate with high quality service. There are two key features of the platform: the possibility to trade crypto assets on the majority of the world’s crypto exchanges from one account; the automation of the arbitrage process. The key idea is to ensure that the trading process is simplified and made more convenient by aggregating the main crypto exchanges within one interface.

You can read our whitepaper on our official website - arbidex.uk.com.

1.1 How does Arbidex uses arbitrage?

User can create one account and get an opportunity to use main function of the platform – auto-arbitrage. We’ve developed Detecting Profitable Rates Algorithm (DPRA) which allows users to earn profit based in difference in price spread. Once initial deposit to arbitrage is made, you begin to gain profit to your balance.

Arbidex uses 5 exchanges for auto-arbitrage: Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex, OKEX, WEX. All our arbitrage chains are built using them.

1.2 What is total supply and liquidity?

Total token supply: 25,000,000 ABX

Total tokens on sale: 17,200,000 ABX

Liquidity is being used to ensure uninterrupted operation and immediate execution of orders for the sale / purchase of cryptocurrency, a cash reserve on each of the connected exchanges is needed.

2. What is ABX token?

ABX-token is used solely within the ARBIDEX platform and has no other usage outside the Platform. The token is an access tool to the main functionality of the platform i.e. trading at multiple exchanges from one single interface using one account created in Arbidex system. ABX-token holders will have access to additional functionality that will allow them to make extra profits from trading on the Platform and having access to arbitrage transactions. The just-mentioned “extra profits” are not passive income of the users. They receive it through the use of the Platform functionalities, that is, by making their own efforts.

The above figure shows how the profit from the implementation of the arbitrage chain by the users themselves will be distributed between the key participants within the ARBIDEX platform, ABX tokens themselves do not give any right to profit or income just from holding the ABX tokens. ABX tokens only act as the means to access the premium ARBIDEX Platform services and certain additional functionalities after the Token Sale.

Please, notice the following: right now, ABX tokens have one function – it allows users to use auto-arbitrage. Depending on amount of ABX you will buy, your grade will change and you’ll have different limits to your access to arbitrage. Follow this instruction to find out more our grade system and where to buy ABX tokens.

ABX-token has solely the following functions:

  1. Discount on trading commissions at all the exchanges connected to the system.

ABX-token users will pay lower trading commissions at major cryptoexchanges up to 0.05% instead of the standard 0.2% rate. The limits of operations within the ARBIDEX system are based on the number of Tokens that a user has on the balance (a subscription plan).

  1. Access to additional platform services.

Arbidex offers the functionality of an integrator for trading on cryptocurrency markets from a single interface. An additional feature of the platform is the automated execution of arbitrage strategies. In our system, the deposit amount for working with automated arbitrage mechanism is limited and depends on the number of ABX-tokens on the user’s balance. When additional services are added in the future, they will also be available to access by way of using ABX-tokens.

2.1 ABX Smart-Contract

We recommend using MyEtherWallet or MetaMask to receive ABX tokens. Wallet must support ERC20.

Here is tutorial you can follow to add ABX to your MEW wallets:


This is the information you’ll need to add in order to display ABX tokens:

  • Address: 0x9a794dc1939f1d78fa48613b89b8f9d0a20da00e
  • Token Symbol: ABX
  • Decimals: 18

Attentionfor the balance to be displayed, please fill in the Decimals field with the number 18.

3. How do I start to use auto-arbitrage.

Here we will go step-by-step through our system, and explain how to use our user panel.

3.1 Register on the platform.
3.2 Verify your account.
3.3 Activate 2FA and confirm phone number.
3.4 Buy and move ABX to internal arbidex wallets.
3.5 Deposit BTC/ETH to internal arbidex wallets
3.6 Deposit BTC/ETH from internal arbidex wallet to arbitrage
3.7 Earn profit for your initial deposit
3.8 Withdraw BTC/ETH from arbitrage back to internal arbidex wallets
3.9 Withdraw BTC/ETH from internal arbidex wallets to your personal external wallets.

These are the main steps we will go through in detail.

3.1 Register on the platform

First, you have to register in our MVP (Minimum Viable Product), by following this link: https://arbidex.io/

Please, beware that all of the modules function in test mode. You can always ask any questions or report any erros via e-mail [email protected].

Click on «Sign Up» button and enter your e-mail with password in the next window.

You will receive email to your address with activation link. Click on it and you are registered on the platform and will be able to login.

If you forgot your password, there is also «Forgot password?» button to reset it - you will receive reset link in the e-mail address you used to register.

User panel main window

This is your main page, where you can see all your currencies and buttons to deposit/withdraw to/from balance or arbitrage, as well as button to show your balancehistory for both internal arbidex wallets and arbitrage. On the left you can see three menus: Profile, Verification and Security, which will be used in next steps of this tutorial.

Each of your currency (except for our ABX tokens) has two columns:

  • Balance

Here you can see your current balance in internal arbidex wallet. This balance can be moved to auto-arbitrage (as you’ll see in next steps). You can also withdraw from this balance to your external wallet.

  • Arbitrage

From balance you can send your currency into arbitrage (as you’ll see in the next steps). Amount you sent will be shown in this column. From this column you’ll be able to withdraw back to «Balance» column.

3.2 Verify your account.

Before using our auto-arbitrage, you need to check following requirements:

- Your account must be verified.

You can verify your account using «Verification» window in your profile, which can be accessed by clicking on «Verification» button in the menu on the left. Here is an instruction:


3.3 Activate 2FA and confirm phone number

- You need to confirm you phone number and activate 2FA.

This is our security measures. You can confirm your phone number and activate 2FA using «Security» window, which can be accessed by clicking on «Security» button in the menu on the left. Here is an instruction:


3.4 Buy and move ABX to internal arbidex wallets

Please, notice the following: currently, ABX - tokens don’t have official listing. You can check the price and buy ABX on Idex:https://idex.market/eth/abx

At the moment Arbidex is negotiating partnerships with a number of crypto exchanges. Agreements, partnerships and other interactions with exchanges will be announced in press-releases once they are confirmed and this message will be updated with more exchanges/platforms where you can buy ABX.

One of the main functions of our token is to let users access auto-arbitrage. You need to have minimum 1000 ABX to use arbitrage. 

- You need to have a minimum 1000 ABX for «Upgraded» grade.

Right now, in order to use arbitrage, you need to have «Upgraded» grade. To have this grade, you need to hold minimum 1000 ABX in your Arbidex wallet. By having more ABX in your wallet, you can deposit to arbitrage with different limit. Here is a list of all our grades and link to understand more how they work:


You can see all current grades in your profile, below balances window.

By clicking on PLUS (+) button near your ABX currency in main profile window, you will open your internal arbidex wallet address. Deposit to this address from your personal external wallet, and ABX will appear in internal arbidex wallet after transaction will be completed. It might take a couple of minutes for your ABX balance to update.

This is our other instruction you can use to deposit ABX to arbidex wallets:


- Invite your friends by using referral link. (optional).

We have referral program which allow users to gain bonus from their friends arbitrage profit. You can read more in our tutorial:


3.5 Deposit BTC/ETH to internal arbidex wallets

Here is an instruction about deposit/withdraw to your arbidex wallet balance:


Main user panel window shows your balances of BTC, ETH, and ABX. By pressing PLUS button (+) you can see your deposit address. Use this address to deposit to internal arbidex wallets from your personal external wallets. Currency you deposited will be shown in arbidex wallets in a couple of minutes after transaction was made.

You can deposit funds to the addresses you see near the currency name. You cannot withdraw funds until you pass verification (KYC procedure). You can also open history to view all the actions that were made before.

3.6 Deposit BTC/ETH from internal arbidex wallet to arbitrage.

Right now you can deposit your BTC and ETH from your Arbidex wallets. Near each currency you can see right arrow button (->), by clicking on it, you will open window in which you can input amount of BTC/ETH you want to deposit to arbitrage.

Don’t forget what your commission fee and limit depends on your grade.

3.7 Earn profit for your initial deposit

How arbitrage works and what is the profit?

A brief description of the process

Inter-exchange arbitrage is a trading strategy that is based on the price difference of the same asset(s) on various exchanges. Arbitrage opportunities take advantage of the inefficiencies of the market, for example, in the backlog of the reaction of certain exchanges to a drastic change in the value of an asset, or a big difference in spread at different exchanges. In addition, arbitrage opportunities open up in the event of a price difference on an asset obtained through a chain of purchases and sales via intermediate assets. In this case, the difference in prices during the passage of the entire chain accumulates and becomes a significant amount, which can reach up to 1-3% on the crypto-currency market. Such arbitrage opportunities exist for a very short time, and a trader who bids using arbitrage strategies is constantly searching for them.

Realization of Arbitrage Opportunities

The process of implementing arbitrage strategies is complex and requires the following to achieve a stable and positive result: 1. Having deposits on several leading exchanges (the more sites are covered, the better). 2. Availability of specialized software that monitors arbitrage opportunities. 3. Having specific hardware (specially allocated and properly configured servers, with a minimum ping, etc.) and software that integrates exchanges interacting with them. ARBIDEX eases the process of arbitrage opportunities realization by acting as the provider of the above-mentioned points that are necessary to achieve the result when implementing arbitrage strategies. ARBIDEX algorithm is engaged in a permanent search for arbitrage chains between exchanges that users can themselves implement with the help of ARBIDEX technical solution. ABX tokens solely allow to access the automated execution of arbitrage strategies, the profit then made has no influence on the value of the token as it solely functions as the means of access.

Example of arbitrage work

In this example, the BTC-> ETH-> ETC-> BTC exchange sequence was implemented, and the total profit from this transaction amounted to 0.827%, i.e. as a result of this exchange chain, the amount of BTC increased by ~ 0.8% compared to those sent to the chain in just seconds. The profit in this example occurred from a small difference in asset prices relative to each other. Over 3 exchange iterations this difference accumulated and became equal to ~ 0.8%. It is important to note that during each trading iteration there are a lot of arbitrage opportunities with different capacities, including significantly greater capacity (the ability to put more funds through this chain).

Arbitrage History

After you made the deposit, you will start to earn profit. Arbitrage history will update every week.

What profit can I expect?

Our team is constantly working to improve the algorithms even more. Our product - MVP user panel is not wholly completed. Right now, you can gain profit equal to 0.2% on average (see image above). You gain profit every week after making initial deposit to arbitrage.

3.8 Withdraw BTC/ETH from arbitrage back to internal arbidex wallets

Near each currency you can see left arrow button (<-), by clicking on it, you will open withdraw window where you can input amount you want to return from arbitrage back to your internal arbidex wallet. After that you’ll have to input 2FA code. You will receive confirmation link to your e-mail, after clicking on it - your withdraw will be confirmed.

Please note:

  • The minimum limit for withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC and 0.001 ETH
  • The commission is calculated based on the blockchain fee and is applied to the amount automatically

3.9 Withdraw BTC/ETH from internal arbidex wallets to your personal external wallets

In the same way we deposited to internal arbidex wallets before, we can also withdraw our currency. Click on MINUS (-) button to open withdraw window. Don’t forget you need to be verified and activate your 2FA/confirm your phone number to make withdraws.

Enter your personal external address and the amount you want to withdraw. After that you’ll have to input 2FA code. You will receive confirmation link to your e-mail, after clicking on it - your withdraw will be confirmed. You will also receive another mail with TxID you can use to check the transaction in the etherscan.io or blockchain.info.

Please, make sure you input correct address, we won’t be able to help you if you will withdraw your currencies to wrong address.

4. Our Technical Support

Our main product is in the MVP (Minimum viable product) state - at this point, not all functions are completed and working as intended. All the described in this instruction functionality was tested before becoming available for users, but some may still encounter issues using user panel. Therefore, we’re constantly working not only on improving our product, but also on creating responsive techical support service. Our Arbidex Support Team is ready to help you with any question or problem. You can contact them via e-mail: [email protected]. Besides that - administration of our official telegram channel can also consult you with any matter: https://t.me/arbidexchat.

Last Updated On October 10, 2018