Token Functions

ABX-token is used solely within the ARBIDEX platform and has no other usage outside the Platform. The token is an access tool to the main functionality of the platform i.e. trading at multiple exchanges from one single interface using one account created in Arbidex system. ABX-token holders will have access to additional functionality that will allow them to make extra profits from trading on the Platform and having access to arbitrage transactions. The just-mentioned “extra profits” are not passive income of the users. They receive it through the use of the Platform functionalities, that is, by making their own efforts.

The above figure shows how the profit from the implementation of the arbitrage chain by the users themselves will be distributed between the key participants within the ARBIDEX platform, ABX tokens themselves do not give any right to profit or income just from holding the ABX tokens. ABX tokens only act as the means to access the premium ARBIDEX Platform services and certain additional functionalities after the Token Sale.

ABX-token has solely the following functions:

1. Discount on trading commissions at all the exchanges connected to the system.

ABX-token users will pay lower trading commissions at major cryptoexchanges up to 0.05% instead of the standard 0.2% rate. The limits of operations within the ARBIDEX system are based on the number of Tokens that a user has on the balance (a subscription plan).

2. Access to additional platform services.

Arbidex offers the functionality of an integrator for trading on cryptocurrency markets from a single interface. An additional feature of the platform is the automated execution of arbitrage strategies. In our system, the deposit amount for working withautomated arbitrage mechanism is limited and depends on the number of ABX-tokens on the user’s balance (please see the Figure below). When additional services are added in the future, they will also be available to access by way of using ABX-tokens.

Minimal token balance amount necessary to get a subscription plan:

ABX-token exchange rate is calculated based on the average rate at major exchanges over the last 3 days. If the token price drops below the ICO price of $1, all the token deposits within the system that are used to get premium functions will be assumed to be at the ICO price. The cost of any cryptoasset depends on the situation at BTC/USD market, that’s why we believe that it’s important to provide a full
functionality of the platform based on the ICO price, regardless of the market situation.

Last Updated On June 04, 2018