Troubleshooting Arbidex Account Issues

  • When I try to login, I have to input code, where do I get it?

Right now, during login you have to make three inputs:

1) Your username (e-mail address);

2) Password;

And if you activated 2FA authentication in your security tab:

3) 2FA code from Google Authenticator app on your smartphone (Android/iOS).

Please, check if you input correct code, since Google Authenticator app allows you to connect multiple accounts on different services to your phone. Without giving unique name to each added key in your Authenticator, it might be confusing to find correct one for the first time.

You have three tries to input correct data.

  • I forgot my 2FA password/I lost access to my Google Authenticator app.

We can manually reset 2FA in your account. Message our technical support ([email protected]) with your login (e-mail address), so we could find your profile.

  • I’ve entered wrong password/2FA code three times and now my account is blocked, what do I do?

You can try to login again in a hour. You will see a timer with description.

  • I get the message “your account was blocked” without timer.

Please, contact our technical support via our email - [email protected]

Last Updated On July 04, 2018